Cincinnati’s Oasis


Nearly 100 years ago, amongst the industry and thriving neighbors of Cincinnati, lay Washington Park. The go too spot for a family picnic, an afternoon with friends throwing the Frisbee or just to walking the dog, Washington Park was one of downtown Cincinnati’s Meccas. Eight acres teeming with life.

Present day has seen different times, from the fall out of urban decay and migrating population away from the downtown, Washington Park had a very different face. Drug sales, prostitution and violence crippled this neighborhood and likewise Washington Park.

This too, is now a memory of the past. Powered by 3CDC a private redevelopment nonprofit and the Cincinnati Park Board the plan to infuse Washington Park with a $48 million renovation plan that will fuel, and be fueled by the community around it. The Music Hall, School for Creative and Preforming Arts, Memorial Hall and the Gateway Quarter are all part of the Urban revival to bring Cincinnati and Washington Park back to former glory. Take a walk down through OTR and see the difference.

The change is visible everywhere you look in Cincinnati, the morphing landscape of the Smale Riverfront Park, The Banks, 21c Museum Hotel and the Horseshoe Casino all point at the change Cincinnati is experiencing. The return of the Park welcomes that central gathering place. Head down to explore the area, have lunch in the warm spring weather or take in the history.An oasis amongst the downtown for the people of Cincinnati to embrace, enjoy and keep close to our hearts as one of Cincinnati’s oldest treasures.


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