Opening Day In Cincinnati

           Well it’s almost upon us folks, Reds Opening Day.  Every year eager Cincinnati fans patiently bide their time just waiting for the day to arrive. It’s not only a celebration here in Cincinnati, but rather a Home Town Holiday  Findlay market says, “When sparky Anderson arrived on the scene with the reds in 1970, Opening Day was an established holiday in Cincinnati.  You can’t find it on the calendar, but make no mistake: Opening Day is baseballs annual festival and nowhere is it celebrated like it is in the Queen City.”  Sparky Anderson also said, “It’s a holiday- a baseball holiday!  Ain’t no other place in America got that!”  Back when Opening Day started, the reds were a better known team and known a lot more for winning. Recently they have started to take back that reputation; however, many of the years throughout my childhood (after an amazing opening day or not) the Reds would have a terrible season. They aren’t the Big Red Machine that they used to be, however, slowly but surely the names of the current Red’s all-stars are gaining more and more fame. 

            This year’s Opening Day celebration takes place on Monday April 1st and my fellow Cincinnatians and I couldn’t be more excited. In 1994, Opening Day for the Reds was scheduled for Easter Sunday, however, Marge Schott, the owner of the reds at the time, refused to make a big show of it and instead re-scheduled the game for the day after.  The day after was actually the Monday after Easter and ever since then Opening Day has fallen on that Monday.  It’s a tradition that hasn’t died yet and it won’t for years to come.  Needless to say, countless Cincinnatians will be gathered with their family and friends this coming Monday, huddled up around the TV for the parade, eating all the spoils obtained from Easter Sunday.  It’s the perfect time for family and friends to bond over something that all of us faithful Cincinnati fans cherish together; the Cincinnati Reds Nation. 



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